Wednesday, July 4, 2007

What's Hot and What's Not?!?!?

These days its hard to tell what's hot and what's not. I have been searchin, trying to find the hot mixtape DJs out there ... trying to find the hot mixtape artist out there. Its so easy to make mixtapes these days, which is why everyone is doing it. I'm about to go on limewire and download some songs, rip some words of a hot artist, call it a drop and release the illest mixtapes, son! Yea right, tha's not me, but that's how easy it is. Its to the point where its annoying. I mean really, how many of ya'll is gonna drop a Lil Wayne mixtape?

Da Drought, Da Drought is Over, The Drought Vol.3, The Best Rapper Alive; Vols 1-3, Cassidy vs. Lil Wayne, Jada Vs. Lil Wayne (i actually might give that one a listen to see what Jada been up to), The Rapper Eater, The Carter 2.5I Can't Feel My Face, Da Nolia Soldier, I am Hip Hop, President Carter, None Higher, New Orleans Nightmare, Please Say The Baby, and who can forget the 30 or so 'Best Of Lil Waynes' ... WOW, Lil Wayne must have alot of material (in my sarcastic tone).. tha's alot of unofficial mixtapes, and i'm sure i'm missing like 84 of'em!! Whats not hot is doing a mixtape that's already been done. There is no concept featuring Lil Wayne that would be hot at all right now. Not even if u had an exclusive Hot Boy reunion mixtape that included Juvie, BG and Turk on the same tracks. NOT INTERESTED, cuz ya'll done made me not wanna hear anything to do with Weezy. I used to be pressed for The Prefix, Suffix, all the Squad Up joints, and of course the Dedications .. but there are so many out now, its to annoying to sift through and see if any of them are official. Didn't mean to drag that on, but DJ's .. thats NOT HOT. I was just over on and seen a couple joints that might be hot. Hot because it wasn't the run of the mill mixtape. A hot up and coming DJ that goes by the name Gee T aka Got That posted a Joell Ortiz mixtape. This joint is hot cuz the artist is hot for one, we don't hear too much of him, the songs aren't ripped from another mixtape .. jus a quality mixtape giving hip hop heads 'something funky to listen to' - bottom line is to just be original. (You can check Gee T on I mentioned the blueprint to a hot mixtape in a previous blog (refer to Mixtape Circuit blog) - like Home Depot says, 'You Can Do It, I Can Help' ...... why don't ya'll find an artist that should be getting mixtape love, but hasn't recently. I have recently ran across a few. Artists like E. Ness who still has a name from MTV/Making The Band fame. People know who he is, they like his music, but there is not enough of it out there for us to listen to. Diddy, stop playin with dudes career! I saw a Talib Kweli mixtape, which isn't a first but its not too common. Little Brother dropped a classic mixtape with Mick Boogie. Beans just dropped a mixtape. Cassidy just dropped a couple ... he's been away for a minute .. good to see he's back but it's kinda lookin like its about to be a few too many joints featuring Cass out there too. Just keep it original. If you want to stand out, don't blend. Check out the sites, see whats out there and do something different. Don't do a Biggie joint, a Pac joint, a Big L joint, a Big Pun joint, a Stack Bundles joint .... basically, do not do a feature on a slain emcee.

I'll need to do more research on the whole game to see who is doing their thing now. The game changes so fast. Where is Drama? Has Big Mike dropped anything noteworthy? Is DJ Clues job at Power 105 taking up all of his mixtape time? Outside of Papoose, when's the last time Kay Slay dropped something hot? Whoo Kid, are we still paying attention to the G-Unit joints he puts out? When Joe Budden gonna drop another mixtape ... Ain't we all waiting for Mood Muzik 3? What was Paps last hottest mixtape? - - all this being said, its a new day in the mixtape game. Who's gonna step up? Stay tuned for the mixtape awards ..... MY mixtape awards.

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Justin said...

I think djs are being lazy and playing it safe when giving us the same artists over and over again. I mean, think about it -- look at hip hop's current state. Nobody is doing anything new, and the djs are just following the same trend.
Besides, it is much easier for a dj to keep using the same artist (who has impeccable wordplay) and just put him/her over different beats. That way, they easily got a 'hot' mixtape, but not based on the djs prowess on the 'wheels of steel' but more based on the skill of the artist to sound hot over any beat. This is not only the safe route, but shows how lazy we have gotten as a hip hop movement. Not only do I have to hear the same ole songs being played on the radio 200 times a day, but when I try to feed my underground appetite, I get the same bullsh*t.
Everyone was on Nas when he said hip hop was dead---I dont know if I can say it's dead but it sure is in a state of a coma.

dex digital said...

CO-SIGN. Even myself as a host of a podcast show (you should check it out, by the way -, I still get hella "mixtapes" from people trying to get on.

#1. Nobody cares if you know how to use limewire and bootleg joints.
#2. The covers look boring. Give me something new on cover design.
#3. As you put it - we've all heard these cuts before. I mean, beyond getting people who are known, I'd like to see some really brilliant mixtapes from people who are up-and-comers - with a good mix of known instros and original beats.

I think the last few good mixtapes I've heard are probably Smoke & Numbers, an old MC Longshot joint, and this NAAM Brigade joint from like '05. None of them are huge known, but they stayed in rotation in the car for me longer than most of these "best of Nas/Weezy/insert famous rapper here" tapes.

Anonymous said...

Dj 2Mello
i respect the above mentioned comments, but in this day and age you have to go with what works. i try to sprinkle my tapes with unsigned actas that i'm feelin and will even go out on a limb and do a mixtape with them, but dj's dont buy mixtapes the masses do and if they dont know the artist they wont even think twice about the tape even if you as the dj thinks its hot. I'm in no way saying that dj's must all play the same music but a dj on the comeup wont be on the come up long trying to break artists people have never heard of.

Benita said...

Great work.

Anonymous said...

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