Wednesday, June 27, 2007

**ALERT, Another Stack Mixtape** 'sigh'

DJ Ev Star and DJ Jug E 'Stack Bundles Tribute - 21 Gun Salute'

I just blogged about the sudden interest in Stack Bundles. I just visited the illest mixtape site ( - and what do I see? HEY STACK BUNDLES HAS A NEW MIXTAPE!! Oh, my bad .. its another 'TRIBUTE' to Stack Bundles. The tracklist if far from exclusive, i get to the end of the mixtape cuz i see *bonus track* and the first one is 'Ya Dig' with Jim Jones .. since when has a song that's been on 79 mixtapes been exclusive? This one had 2 DJ's, so they coulda came up with an original idea between the 2 of them. This Stack invasion is about as bad as the Lil Wayne Mixtape Invasion .... unless you Drama, don't make a Weezy mixtape right now.

On one last note before I bounce, people think Jeezy is the ad-lib king, but listen to Stack and listen how many ad-libs he put in there .. and he was doin it before Jeezy.

I'ma leave this alone, but DJ's please step your game up and be original. Mixtapes is where its at right now, keep it fresh.

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