Thursday, October 4, 2007

He's Baaaaaaaaack!!

Yea man, looks like Pappy is back! His new mixtape just dropped, once again hosted by Kay Slay. MOSTLY all new tracks. You may have heard a few tracks on (what up Brian!). For the most part its all new and he is back to the raw style that i'm used to. I am not sure if he lost some of his hunger when Jive picked him up, or if he was just too saturated .. whatever the case I am feelin this one like cooked food. This mixtape is titled 'Already a Legend'. I saw the title and didn't think nothin of it until I was ridin, listening to it today. Is Papoose a legend? A legend is someone like Rakim, Kane, Biggie, Pac and Jay. I'm not ready to put him there .. all of those guys had something more that most artists will never had. Its that 'IT' that people be talkin about! - Currently, Pap is the only one I be pressed to listen to. All the legends I mention don't have anything current .. Pap be havin me on the edge of my seat waitin to see how he gonna finish a bar. His swag on the mic is crazy .. he thinks he the best thing since curried shrimp! .. tha's the swag you gotta have. - i Kinda got off of what I was trying to say, so let me get back. I think Pap is 'ALready a Mixtape Legend'. Think about it, outside of 50 Cent .. who had the bootleggers going crazy .. who had the haters seeing what the big deal was, then becoming fans? What mixtape artist had the most sales? Who threatened to put barcodes on mixtapes? Who consistently had the most listened to songs and the most downloaded mixtapes? Papoose, Pa-Poose (real fans know) - - He is hungry again. Maybe since him and Jive had their differences, he is about to murder the mixtape circuit again. As I was thinkin his legend status, I was thinkin who is hot in the mixtape game right now. What artists outside Wayne stays consistent in the mixtape circuit. Pap was that dude. This is mixtape #19 for Pap. Official mixtape #19. I was glad to see him back b/c now its gonna make other artists step up and see what they can do in the mixtapes. Bloggin has been inconsistent cuz there is nothin poppin. Pap is back, so lets get to it. Catch ya'll! - one side note, I think Biggie woulda kilt the mixtapes. He loved to rap, spit ... as wifey always says 'why'd they have to kill Biggie' - woulda been nice to see what he woulda did to the mixtape .. his demo was takin 2 radios and rhyming over Big Daddy Kane .. yea, he woulda killed the mixtapes. OUT