Wednesday, June 27, 2007

**ALERT, Another Stack Mixtape** 'sigh'

DJ Ev Star and DJ Jug E 'Stack Bundles Tribute - 21 Gun Salute'

I just blogged about the sudden interest in Stack Bundles. I just visited the illest mixtape site ( - and what do I see? HEY STACK BUNDLES HAS A NEW MIXTAPE!! Oh, my bad .. its another 'TRIBUTE' to Stack Bundles. The tracklist if far from exclusive, i get to the end of the mixtape cuz i see *bonus track* and the first one is 'Ya Dig' with Jim Jones .. since when has a song that's been on 79 mixtapes been exclusive? This one had 2 DJ's, so they coulda came up with an original idea between the 2 of them. This Stack invasion is about as bad as the Lil Wayne Mixtape Invasion .... unless you Drama, don't make a Weezy mixtape right now.

On one last note before I bounce, people think Jeezy is the ad-lib king, but listen to Stack and listen how many ad-libs he put in there .. and he was doin it before Jeezy.

I'ma leave this alone, but DJ's please step your game up and be original. Mixtapes is where its at right now, keep it fresh.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

DJ's Should Be Ashamed of Themselves (RIP Stack Bundles)

So, i'm in the car riding home Monday June 13th. Im trying to gather my thoughts so I can come at Stack Bundles with the business all together so he don't think i'm on no B.S. - A week earlier he gave me his number and said hit him up about promotion. Cool! I was hype because I had been a fan since he jumped on the scene with Riot Squad, Desert Storm, Clue, Paul Cain, Fab and Joe Budden. He always stood out to me cuz he had that cocky swag, his style was different .. and my boy AveBoogie is gonna get on me about speakin on another dudes voice, but he had that ill voice that commanded your ear. (no homo) - anywayz, before I got a chance to hit him up, betta yet before he really got a chance to blow up he was murdered in Queens, NY. Dag-Gone shame..he was on his way .. although i'm not the biggest DipSet/Byrdgang/Jim Jones fan, I respect Jimmy for seeing that Rayquon Elliot (Stacks Govt) had a world of talent and was in the midst of getting him that worldwide shine he deserved .......

NOW, why is it that so many DJ's decided to pay homage to Stack after his death? Was he not nice in the booth while he was with us? How is Stack gonna benefit off of this? Or is it the DJ that is gonna benefit off of this? DJs who decided to throw together a mixtape of the self proclaimed 'Gorgeous Gangsta' should ask themselves why are they in the mixtape game. How easy is it to get love off the mixtape of a newly slain emcee? How about getting ahold of the artist while he is here and putting together a hot mixtape? I read the blogs, see the comments 'Stack is nice', 'RIP Stack', 'Stack was the dude' - funny how I never heard this when he dropped 'Take A Picture' or the instant classic 'Bundles Hot' - take this advice from a self proclaimed MIXTAPE A&R - if you gonna do a Stack joint, the thing to do is get at ARTISTS who was good with Stack, have them supply drops honoring Stack .. if you are on your grind, you can seek out individuals who can supply you with exclusives, not stuff I heard on OLD mixtapes 'Bidding War' or 'My Life is Like a Movie' .. then you can drop and original, classic mixtape. All i'm seeing now is a waste of my time. Put some effort behind what you do, because your work shows you just like to compile songs and call it a mixtape. STEP YOUR GAME UP, mixtape DJ's .. if you not gonna do it right, let Rayquon Elliot rest in peace.
Ya'll coulda spared us this mixtape and other 'Best of Stack' mixtapes. Shout to to Clue, Big Mike and the official mixtape up top this blog that paid homage while he was still here. OUT.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


The mixtape is huge in todays industry. They have always been hot and my preferred method of seeing whats and who's out there. From way back in the day where mixtapes were actually tapes. Being outside of NY, I would have to search for my tapes, usually ordering my free catalog from the back of The Source. After reviewing every playlist and finding a couple hot joints from one of my favorite rappers and I was sold! I would patiently wait for that thick brown envelope and 'let that tape rock, till my tape popped'. I would follow that process every 2 months or so. I think by having to search for hip hop as a youth gives me more respect for it and makes me more knowledgeable than the average consumer. Of course, now they are much easier to access. The internet has made that possible ... .but before the internet, I was in the magazines, in the books, the stores, trying to get my hands on anything hip hop. Even buying the Hip Hop compilations in the mid 80's from K-Mart that featured the Chicago Bears Superbowl Rap followed by Rappin' Duke (Dah Hah, Dah Hah!). That joing was classic, matter fact, it was called Power Rap! I was just that much of a hip hop head.

Now, back to the mixtape. Today they are very easy to come buy. You can buy them online, you can buy them in stores. If you have the opportunity to walk down Flatbush Ave or stroll through Fulton Mall, you can get them from just about any store. Mixtapes DJ's are huge and some probably make more money than the rappers on their tapes. Not only are mixtape DJ's huge, but mixtape artists, are really in the public eye these days. Especially the public that I know. Most of these artists see the success of a 50 Cent, and the labels see it too ... a mixtape buzz is almost a prerequisite to acheive industry success or get a look from a label. There are alot of mixtape artists out there, and alot of mixtape DJ's out there. - That is where I come in, I spend almost all of my free time on the websites, seeing who's hot, seeing who's not, listening to mixtapes, downloading mixtapes .... I have the knowledge and I don't trust anyones opinion like i trust my own .... So i'm here to break down my opinions on today Mixtape Circuit. From the artists to the DJ's and everything in between. I will break down mixtapes, I will criticize or big up mixtape DJ's and Artists .... so welcome to the ride family.