Monday, July 23, 2007

Diddy, Oh Diddy!

Since this is MY blog, I guess I can write about real life experiences and what I see with my own two. I know ya'll probably like 'why is Diddy the topic in a hip hop blog?' - Well, he is the topic because I do lightweight promotion for a member of the Bad Boy Family .. The Enforcer of Da Band E. Ness .. yea, the #1 Draft Pick .. this is gonna hurt me to write because of how much I respect Diddy, and this sure isn't going to help me when I try to politic my way in the Bad Boy door.

Diddy is known to break artists, he is supposed to be a trendsetter. To me its like he has been taking the easy route as of late. I think this started around the 'Boyz In The Hood feat Jeezy' days. It seemed like the south was about to do it, so he was like, 'hmm, let me get a hot act from the South' - on the real, they wasn't that hot, but it had the Bad Boy named attached to it. In the meantime, no one from the East was really doin it .. R&B acts started jumpin' out there, so looks like Diddy wanted to see if he could throw Cassie in the mix. Nothing really sold too much or made too much noise. They say Danity Kane went platinum, but I don't even remember a hot single. Don't get me started on Making The Band, it almost seems like a joke. (lol, as me and wifey watch Making The Band 4 as i type) - I am very entertained by the shows, but at the end of the day, whose career is being taken to another level? Diddys or the potential 'Bands?' - - Based on history its the Diddy himself ... its almost like he's playin with careers. Seems like once the show is over, he's done with the promo for them.

Now back to E. Ness .... this is a dude that has a million songs on stash. Alot of street joints for the mixtapes and some commercial joints for 'Nessasary' - which drops early 2006, oh, i mean 4th quarter 2006. Oh, that already passed ... I mean mid 2007 .. last word is it was pushed back to early 2008. This is a blower to me because I see first hand how hard he works, how bad he wants it .... but what does Diddy do? He keeps pushin the album back and stays on the Souths 'Joc' - I'm not mad at what Young Joc is doin, but tha's easy Puff .. why not bring the east back like Big did back in the day. Seems like he didn't to put forth the effort to try something new, like drop E. Ness .. i mean, since he's signed to you, at least let him drop a hot 16 on a commercial remix. The streets still know Ness, and based on the response of his last 4 mixtapes (all 2007) - the streets still want Ness .. - - Ness is definately someone that deserves to make it. He has the hunger that alot of these up and comings need. He does all interviews, drop requests, DVD appearances, etc .. just making himself available for any promo to get himself out there.

Just venting a lil bit. Seeing Ness work, and listening to the quality of songs he puts together .. he definatley needs to be out there.


cluuxx said...

i couldnt say it better myself, ness deserves an album he making hot fire, diddy get ya mind right, ness 2008 no more push backs!!!

aveboogie said...

I aint sure how anyone could expect anything different from Diddy? He's always been THE ATTRACTION as far as he's concerned! Sad to see so many talented artists (B.I.G, Shyne. Ness, Verse, Loon, G Dep, Black Rob, etc...) get put on the shelf in favor of another P. Diddy project....