Thursday, July 12, 2007

Joints I'm Feelin' / Mixtape Review

Tapemasters Inc; Welcome To Brooklyn

Normally I'm not a fan of 'various artists' mixtapes. I like for DJ'z to stick to one concept. This joint here was different, there was a Brooklyn concept. I sat back and thought to myself how many hot emcees come/came outta Brooklyn. Even some 'no name' Brooklyn emcees is hot, the wordplay and swag takes them a long way. Anywayz, I read the tracklist and was like 'Yezzur, this is a must have'. I am very critical of mixtapes and I found this one to be near flawless. I could criticize and say it was an easy mixtape to make based on all the talent in BK, but the DJ'z picked the right mix of songs, and the order of the tracks seemed to flow perfect. Cant do a Brooklyn joint with out Hov, so the selection of Jay Z tracks didn't disappoint. Papoose makes a few guest appearances in the midst of whatever he's up to now. You gotta check out 'Brooklyn, USA'. This is a joint that takes me back to vintage Pap. He took a concept and flow and killed it! Hopefully he's gettin his album together, or at least another hot mixtape for the streets. One of my favorite emcees from the borough, Maino has a few songs on here. I always liked his style and flow so of course I was looking forward to hearing those. Who can forget about Fab. He's def killin the radio now with his R&B type singles, but he got a couple freestyles on here that lets you know he ain't playin on the mic. I tried to give Gravy another chance, but i'm still not feeling this dude music. This was one of his better tracks, but still not hot. I don't think its in him! Joell Ortiz comes with some fire on here too. His Hip Hop song is off the hook. I'm definatley gonna be looking forward to hearing more from him. Foxy, the illest female in the game had a quick joint on here. Sounds like she stil got it, she needs to get it crackin again. Her song was followed by Lil Kim, who also sounded pretty good. It'd be good to see them get back to they way they used to rhyme! Foxy before all this legal ish, and Kim before all the face jobs and boob job ... all in all this was a good mixtape. Woulda been nice to hear AZ, or maybe a street joint from Mos Def since they reppin BK, but it will still get play in the ride for a few weeks. Definately worth a listen, fam.

DJ Clinton Sparks; Kardinal Offishall - Do The Right Thing

Real quick, this here is a quality mixtape too. Clinton Sparks does his usual 'Get Familiar' thing, but the star of this show is Kardinal Offishall. This dude is always slept on but he always makes good music. He's reppin T-DOT and come with his own style. Def check him out.



dex digital said...

hahaha at the throwback do the right thing cover - but you'd think they could get a real photoshop cat and have them really do that thing right! if you're gonna rip off a theme, go 100 on it, knowwhatimean?

Joell Ortiz doesn't really speak to me like that though. I've heard a lot of his stuff but nothing ever really stuck with me.

aveboogie said...

Maino? Joel Ortiz? Is this really the best of what Brooklyn has to offer? As if Hip-Hop wasn't bad enough, these cats actually can get burn on what seemingly was a "Best of...." Brookyln mixtape?


Anonymous said...

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