Tuesday, September 11, 2007

50 and Kanye West .. great for HipHop!

Today was a good day in hip-hop and a good day for TheMixTapeCircuit(dot blogspot dot com) <--- Shamless Plug. Today is 9/11 .. the day the infamous Twin Towers fell .. No comparison but today two Twin Towers in HipHop dropped albums on the same day. There had been talks of 50 and Kanye ever since it was announced they was droppin on the same day. Mixtape DJ's immediately jumped on this idea and startin droppin 50 Vs Kanye Mixtapes I ain't mad at all, cuz as far as i'm concerned, 50 gave MixtapeCircuit(dot blogspot dot com)artists hope that life can get great off the mixtape. Kanye is one of the biggest names in hip hop and has recently capitalized off mixtapes he's dropped as preludes to Graduation. I won't get too deep in the 'mixtape' talk with this blog, i'll keep it on the surface.

50 has taken countless jabs at Kanye, Kanye threw light jabs back, tryin to stay on the humble. Now that I think about it, Fif was talkin kinda greasy. Talkin about how Def Jam gonna falsify the reports .. make 1 sale look like 3 sales .. then talkin about 'watchin the decrease' .. talkin about his polo .. Kanye remained humble, almost too humble. At the end of the day .. end of the day being 106 n Park today when 50 and Kanye performed .. same day, same stage, same mic .. then sittin side by side on the same couch. This jus days before they presented together at the MTV video awards. It was kinda hard for Kanye to hide that smirk and would Fif really be up there if he didn't like Kanye? Based on his track record, if theres beef, theres no love at all for you!!

Today was a good day because the biggest names in hip hop let us know that we can take it back to the old school and all get this paper. No need for the beef. Instead of cats banking their career off beef, go in the studio and make good music. When they got on stage and did their thing, you could feel the energy. The positive energy. Modern days greatest, Jay Z hit the stage for like 2 minutes and just rapped the hook for 'Encore' and the crowd lost their minds! I was surprised the young crowd had that response to Jigga, but I guess all recognize greatness. As great as I think both 50 and Kanye projects are going to be, I just think it was a great day in hip hop when those 3 could come in peace and do it in the name of hip-hop. They were on the couch giving each other props while 50 would take playful shots. He even shouted out us bloggers .. "ya'll are some haters, you sound like bloggers" - he shouted to a group sittin near the couch. Check out "Big Brother' on Kanyes joint and check out 'I Steal .." feat. Akon on 50's record. As of 12:20AM 9/12, the word is Kanye has a slight edge in sales.

Thanks for bearing with me as I stepped outside TheMixtapeCircuit (dot blogspot dot com) .. coming very soon, the Bays hottest DJ, DJ Rah2K .... and Baltimores own DJ 2Mello aka Mr Undercover R&B .. two of the hottest and hardest working DJ's in the game ....... OUT.

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Dj 2Mello said...

you already know ma nigga. respect for the shout out!!!